Preventers and Motor Pump Protection Relay

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  1. Single Phase Preventer

    MS Voltage sensing Spp
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  2. Pump Protection Relays with Auto start with 3CT

    APG-SD/3CT 100% innovative pump protection relay with display and indicators for volt amp etc. and auto start facility
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  3. Tested Pcb For Pump/Motor Protection

    Pump And Motor Protection Tested Pcb
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  4. Pump Guard

    JET-1 Ultra innovative pump overload and dry run protection unit.
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  5. Spp With Dry Run Prenentor

    Pump Protection Relay with Spp 2CT model MPR-1
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  6. Dry Run Preventer

    We are an ISO 9001.2008 company,and pleased to introduce ourselves as leading manufacturer of all types of Pump/Motor Protection Relays n starters,control panels,submersible control panels,digital meters,auto liquid level Controllers,digital panel meters and mobile starters.. Our motor protection relays especially AUTO Ph Corrector APG-PC, we manufacture are high in quality,calibrated,accurate long lasting with durable hardware,micro controller based molded in virgin ABS/PC/Sheet metal enclosure. Pump Guard we provide are of different types current sensing,overload,dry run type,single phasing protection,timers with logic or also with level controller. As per application we can provide ratio of overload/dryrun. Also we can provide compact size panel with digital volt and ammeter indication with power relay with optimum rates. Please send us your exact requirement exact logic so that we can duggest you proper solution. For quantity purchase we provide best economical cost. For ordering pl mention following. 1.Parameter(V/A/Hz/Pf/Temp etc or any other 2.Range of parameter 3.Aux supply 4.Capacity 5.Application 5.Other things if you want to specify. DRY RUN PREVENTER-1. Innovative with microcontroller technology. 2. Shockproof plastic (PC) mini auto box. 3. With wire ends 4. SPP/ Reverse phasing/Unbalance protection/dry run protection. 5. Suitable for DOL / FASD Starter / SASD Starter. 6. On delay timer 30s /1-3-5mins possible ( settable knob- optional) 7. Indications A)Power Green LED-On, green LED blinks-pump on B) Single phasing Red LED on, Rev phasing-LED blinks. C) On delay timer LED blinks/LED off when timer ends./LED on-SD timer. 4)Dry run-Red LED On, blinks when dry run starts, Ok condition-LED off. For quantity purchase we provide best economical cost. Regards Rotomatik Pune www.rotomatik.co
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